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EnterView Author: Sabastian
Sabastian "Carr" Barron
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 -  A Walk to Remember
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A Walk to Remember - By: Sabastian "Carr" Barron

Statistics For This Film:
Rating (By this Author): ( 5 ) Full Star Rating Full Star Rating Full Star Rating Full Star Rating Full Star Rating
Rated: ( PG )
Box Office Totals: ( $47,494,916 )
Movie Run Time: ( 102 mins )
Movie Distributor:
Movie Genre: Romance
Year Released: January 23, 2002
This Movie Review has been viewed: 1007 times

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Movie Title: A Walk to Remember  
About The Movie:
A Walk to Remember is a 2002 romance film based on the 1999 romance novel with the same name by Nicholas Sparks.
Reviewed By: Sabastian "Carr" Barron
Date of Review:January 10, 2010
A Walk to Remember is a Romance move based from the novel by Nicholas Sparks. The Movie starts off with a Teenage boy named Landon Rollins Carter (Shane West), is a trouble Teen that gets in troubled and has to do various school activities, Such as tutoring disadvantaged children and performing in the drama club's spring musical. As Landon Carter, is working on all of these school activities, he starts to slowly but surely fall in love with Jamie Elizabeth Sullivan (Mandy Moore), who is a quiet, shy and respectful Teenage Girl. As both Landon and Jamie rehearse the drama play, Landon starts to fall in love with Jamie more and more every day.
As Jamie begins to see the side of Landon that she likes she begins to fall in love with him. Everything is going good, in the life and of both Landon and Jamie until the day of the Drama play. In the Drama play everything is going good, until the end of the play when Landon kisses Jamie. The very next school day comes around and Landon Carter gets asked if the kiss was real by Belinda (Lauren German) and Landon just looks at her and doesn't say anything and Belinda begins to get pissed. As everything is going a little OK Belinda and her new boy-friend Dean (Clayne Crawford) began to pull a prank ok Jamie to make her the laugh stalk in the school, and as Jamie begins to leave Landon holds her and says "This isn't about you it's all about me." As Landon walks over to Dean, he looks over at him and punches Landon in the face for pulling the Prank and Dean looks over at Landon after the punch and says “Were Done, Were Over” and all Landon does is shakes his head and walks away and walks up to Jamie and says “You OK?, you want me to take you home” and all Jamie does is cry and shakes her head yes.
After all the trouble as quit the rest of the movie is all about Jamie and Landon spending time with each other ad going out. But as Landon and Jamie starts to get extremely close Jamie stops Landon in an alley and tells Landon that she is sick and Landon does a quick response and says “ Why didn’t you tell me sooner I can take you home.” And Jamie says “NO!” and then Jamie tells Landon that she has Leukemia. Then Landon says have you been taking treatment and asking a lot of question which is make Jamie cry, and then Jamie says she has no right to be Angry at GOD, and then Jamie runs away crying leaving Landon standing where he stands crying a little.
Landon then goes to his dad Dr. Carter (David Lee Smith) for help to try to save Jamie from her cancer, and then his dad says “I don’t know her case,” and then Landon walks away and says I knew it and then walks away to his car. Then it shows Landon driving back home crying. Then the next day comes around and it shows Landon’s best-friend Eric (Al Thompson) coming over to see Landon after his mom called Eric, then Eric apologizes for all he has done and that he doesn’t know and they becomes friends once again. Then it shows Landon putting stuff it the trunk of Landon’s car and it shows Dean (Clayne Crawford) pulling up to also apologizes for all he has done and they also become friends once more and then Dean helps Landon put all the things in his car to take it over to Jamie’s Place.
As Landon is in Jamie's backyard working on a telescope for her so she can see a comet that is going to pass through the earth’s view.
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