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EnterView Author: Wayne Barron
Wayne Barron
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 -  Wedding Daze
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Wedding Daze - By: Wayne Barron

Statistics For This Film:
Rating (By this Author): ( 5 ) Full Star Rating Full Star Rating Full Star Rating Full Star Rating Full Star Rating
Rated: ( PG )
Box Office Totals: ( N/A )
Movie Run Time: ( 1 hr. 28 min. )
Movie Distributor:
Movie Genre: Comedy
Year Released: 2004 (DVD Release date: 01/03/2006)
This Movie Review has been viewed: 1394 times

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Movie Title: Wedding Daze  
About The Movie:
Wedding Daze is a movie about three sisters who end up living back at home with their parents.
Jack Landry (John Larroquette) and wife Audrey Landry (Karen Valentine) are planning their vacation trip around the world when all of a sudden their eldest daughter Nora Landry (Marina Black) has an accident while in Paris as a model and comes back home to heal after getting a broken leg. When things start going wrong for the middle daughter Teri Landry (Jaime Ray Newman) when she catches her fiancée sleeping with another woman in their bed, and she returns back home. The youngest of the three daughters is Dahlia Landry (Kelly Overton) and she still lives at home and works as a website designer.
Reviewed By: Wayne Barron
Date of Review:Tuesday, January 19, 2010
With all of the daughters back at home, the family is parents are forced to put their vacation on hold until the girls get back on their feet again. As chance may have it, each of the girls fall in love and are engaged one by one.
The eldest of the girls gets engaged with Guillermo Valerio (Justin Baldoni) a photographer from Italy who comes down to ask Jack Landry for his daughter hand in marriage.
The middle daughter falls in love with her co-worker Lyle Mills (James Waterson) and he proposes to Teri Landry and plans to have the wedding at the same time as the eldest daughter to save money and time.
The youngest daughter has had a crush on the family friend that is also an employ of her father's business, Sam Reilly (Sebastian Tillinger). They as well plan to wed on the same day as the other two sisters.
The wedding of the decade turns the Landry household on its ends, and the girls so beautiful in their wedding dresses and their parents set to take their vacation to Las Vegas as that is the only place that they can afford after the wedding are in for a surprise from their brides and grooms after the wedding.
Personal Thoughts by the Author
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I feel in love with this movie after seeing it on the Halmark Channel 2 years ago. I could not wait for it to come on TV again so for a birthday present my mother bought it for me (Sweetheart).
My favorite daughter in the movie is the youngest; she is so pretty through-out the entire film.
I recommend this flick to everyone one, though it is the ultimate in chick flicks, it is one of the best.
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