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EnterView Author: Wayne Barron
Wayne Barron
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KISS -  Ace Frehley (1978 Solo)
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Ace Frehley (1978 Solo) - By: Wayne Barron
Artist: KISS

Statistics For This Album:
Rating (By this Author): ( 5 ) Full Star Rating Full Star Rating Full Star Rating Full Star Rating Full Star Rating
Album Sale Totals: ( Read the About Section )
Album Length Time: ( 36:38 )
Record Company/Distributor: Casablanca
Music Genre: Hard Rock
Year Released: September 18, 1978
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Music Title: Ace Frehley (1978 Solo)  
Track List:
1 - Listen Rip It Out
2 - Listen Speedin' Back to My Baby
3 - Listen Snow Blind
4 - Listen Ozone
5 - Listen What's on Your Mind?
6 - Listen New York Groove
7 - Listen I'm in Need of Love
8 - Listen Wiped-Out
9 - Listen Fractured Mirror
About The Music:
Ace Frehley's solo album peaked at #26 on the Billboard in 1978 and On October 2, 1978 the album was certified Platinum for selling over 1,000,000 copies in the US alone.
Eddie Kramer produced Ace Frehley's solo album as well as other KISS albums during the 70s. Ace Frehley's Solo album is the most widely liked of all the solo albums released by the original KISS members in 1978.
Reviewed By: Wayne Barron
Date of Review:Saturday, January 09, 2010
The 1978's solo release was supposed to be Ace Frehley's departure from KISS, but Paul Stanleyand Gene Simmons talked him and Peter Crissinto staying with the band, but they would all do the solo projects and release them under the KISS name.
Ace's album did the best out of the rest, selling more and doing better with KISS fans alike. The album has that Ace touch to it that you see on all his work in and outside of KISS. Ace Frehley'ssignature guitar and singing style is unmatched by anyone else in the business then and now.

The top song on the album is by far "New York Grove" (Peaked at #13 on the US Billboard Charts in 1978) and his instrumental "Fractured Mirror".
Other songs on the album that still stand the test of time are "Rip it out", "Speadin' back to my Baby", "Snow Blind", "I'm in need of Love" and "Wiped Out".

Like the rest of the 1978 Solo albums, a poster was included in Ace Frehley's as well. Each of the posters would interconnect together to become one giant poster.
Personal Thoughts by the Author
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When I was about 11, I believe I got this album right after Christmas. It was in 1982 and I took my Christmas money and bought Ace Frehley and Paul Stanley's solo album as well as Destroyer. Paul Stanley's solo album has always been my favorite from all of them, and then Ace's is 2nd to it. I love the guitar work that Ace Frehley does on the album and I love "Snow Blind" it is my favorite.
This is one of all KISS Guitar fans favorite for guitar-oriented albums.
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Ace Frehley Official Website
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