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EnterView Author: Sabastian
Sabastian "Carr" Barron
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Slipknot -  All Hope Is Gone
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All Hope Is Gone - By: Sabastian "Carr" Barron
Artist: Slipknot

Statistics For This Album:
Rating (By this Author): ( 5 ) Full Star Rating Full Star Rating Full Star Rating Full Star Rating Full Star Rating
Album Sale Totals: ( N/A )
Album Length Time: ( 68:82 )
Record Company/Distributor: Roadrunner, Nuclear Blast
Music Genre: Alternative Metal
Year Released: August 26, 2008
This Music Review has been viewed: 1070 times

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Music Title: All Hope Is Gone  
Track List:
1 - Listen Execute
2 - Listen Gematria (The Killing Name)
3 - Listen Sulfur
4 - Listen Psychosocial
5 - Listen Dead Memories
6 - Listen Vendetta
7 - Listen Butcher's Hook
8 - Listen Gehenna
9 - Listen This Cold Black
10 - Listen Wherein Lies Continue
11 - Listen Snuff
12 - Listen All Hope Is Gone
13 - Listen Child Of Burning Time (Bonus track )
14 - Listen Vermilion Pt2(Bloodstone Mix) (Bonus track )
15 - Listen 'Til We Die (Bonus track )
About The Music:
Slipknot's forth studio album entitled "All Hope Is Gone" is by some the best work they have ever done while others dub it the Corey Taylor Stone Sour version of a Slipknot album.
Does not really matter which side of the spectrum that you are on, this album is one of the best metal albums to come out in several years.
Reviewed By: Sabastian "Carr" Barron
Date of Review:January 09, 2010
Slipknot has never been a radio friendly band, All Hope is gone changed all that by giving Psychosocial their first MTV Premier video and radio airplay by stations that otherwise would have never touched the album.
Debuting at #1 on the US Billboard 200 and peaking around the globe at about the same, (See Chart Positioning below) proved to the critics that Slipknot is a force to reckon with.

Chart positions (2008) - Peak position
Australian Albums Chart(60) - 1
Austria Albums Chart(61) -1
Belgian Albums Chart(62) -2
Canadian Albums Chart(62) -1
Dutch Albums Chart(62) -6
European Top 100 Albums(63) -1
Finnish Albums Chart(62) -1
French Albums Chart(62) -3
German Albums Chart(62) -2
Irish Albums Chart(64) -3
Italian Albums Chart(62) -3
Japan Albums Chart(65) -2
Mexican Albums Chart(62) -8
Netherlands Albums Chart(66) -6
New Zealand Albums Chart(62) -1
Norwegian Albums Chart(62) -2
Portuguese Albums Chart(67) -7
Spain Albums Chart(62) -8
Swedish Albums Chart(62) -1
Swiss Albums Chart(68) -1
UK Albums Chart(47) -2
US Billboard 200(62) -1
Personal Thoughts by the Author
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Wayne Barron
I have never been a Slipknot fan and would have probably never heard of them if it was not for my son's friend Brandon introducing him to them and then of course my son loves to introduce his dad to any new band that he hears about. I do not care too much for the deep growls and the scream-o type music but certain songs I liked. (The slow metal tunes)
When Psychosocial aired on MTV the first time, it was our first taste of the bands new music and I have to say, it took me by surprise. Very well engineered and recorded. The band is growing up and their music proves it.
Regardless of what "Maggots" out there may say, this album is awesome, if they would have released another one of their older albums they would have not made in on the Billboard that is a fact, this album hit and hit hard do to the Psychosocial video that Premiered on MTV.

I recommend this album to all.
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