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EnterView Author: Wayne Barron
Wayne Barron
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 - EA Games Need For Speed Underground
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This game is Rated:
Need For Speed Underground - By: Wayne Barron

Statistics For This Video Game:
Rating (By this Author): ( 5 ) Full Star Rating Full Star Rating Full Star Rating Full Star Rating Full Star Rating

Development Company: EA Games
Price: $4.99 -to- $19.99
Media Format: Windows, PlayStation 2, Xbox, GameCube, GBA
Street Date: November 17, 2003
Game Genre: Racing
This Video Game Review has been viewed: 1067 times

Purchase This Video Game from: GameStop, Inc.
>Game Cube $9.99
>Game Boy Advance $9.99
>Xbox $4.99
>Playstation 2 $5.99

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Video Game Title: Need For Speed Underground  
About The Video Game:
When it comes to street racing games, the developers over at EA Games have this one wrapped up. NFS Underground takes you from the minors to the advanced street racing level of twist and turns until you reach the pinnacle of the game.

A must for all street racing game lovers!
Reviewed By: Wayne Barron
Date of Review:Teusday, December 15th, 2009
NFS Underground is the best street racing game ever produced, with some kicking music and cars along with the women, speed and tracks NFS Underground goes beyond your expectations of what a video game should be.
NFS Underground allows you to graduate up the racing chain by purchasing new rides or customizing your own ride to gain popularity points; this of course comes with a price. You have to win, win and keep on winning in order to advance to the next level of the game.
The tracks have 3 levels that you can go one.
Level 1 = Low speed, meaning that you can win.
Level 2 = Medium speed, most can win.
Level 3 = High Speed, and hold on to your butt, as Level 3 has everyone flying by you at extreme speeds as you wrap your car around every turn with slow motion high jumps that make you feel like you are a part of the game itself, dragging, drifting racing in hopes that you do not crash or slide out of control and lose your lead on the other cars, keeping the distance between yourself and your opponents keeps you on edge throughout the game as your blood pressure rises to the extreme levels as it is extreme sport for you to catch up with the leaders in EA Games ultimate NFS Underground!

This game challenges you in every possible way, from near miss collisions to high speed jumps over rivers to driving the wrong way on a narrow bridge missing other cars by mere inches.

The only thing that this game does not have is crash detection and having to purchase destroyed parts for your car. Other than that minor flaw, this game it possibly the best NFS Game ever developed.
I highly recommend this game to any newcomers to the video game consoles and to everyone else, you have been missing out, run out and get this 1st in the serious of NFS Underground while you still can.
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